Den Number 6 – Fifth Grade

Den Leader:  Aimee Wortendyke

Our Goals:  Webelos II is a program for 5th grade boys to prepare to join a Boy Scout troop while learning outdoor skills and participating in 20 different activity badges. A well-run group of Webelos is a gradual change from being an ‘adult-run’ den to being a ‘boy-run’ patrol ready to fit right into an adventurous scouting troop.

Summary: The Webelos program has two major milestones – the Webelos rank badge to be earned at the 4th grade level and the Arrow of Light to be earned at the 5th grade. The final part of Webelos is bridging over into a Boy Scout troop selected individually by the scout

WELCOME TO Arrow of Light!

After the Webelos Scout has earned the Webelos badge, he will focus on the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award.  Working on these requirements gives him a chance to practice some Scouting skills that he has already learned, earn more activity badges, and learn more about Boy Scouting.

Fifth graders work toward the Arrow of Light rank.  If a fourth-grade Cub Scout has completed the Webelos rank, they may begin to work on the Arrow of Light. The Arrow of Light rank is earned by completing five adventures as described below.

1. Be an active member of your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old.

2. Complete each of the four required adventures:

3. In addition to the four required adventures, complete at least one elective adventure of your den’s or family’s choosing.

4. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, complete the exercises in the pamphlet entitled How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

5. Earn the Cyber Chip award for your age. (The Cyber Chip portion of this requirement may be waived by your parent or guardian if you do not have access to the internet.) OR Earn the Protect Yourself Rules Adventure for Arrow of Light.

In Pack 1818, Arrow Of Light Cub Scouts should attend Hike Club, Den Meetings, and Pack Meetings. Everything they need to do to earn their rank and some elective badges will be done at these three events each month. Check out our Pack Schedule for these dates.